Go Behind The Scenes As I Document My Journey Of Helping Freelance Music Producers Leverage The Internet To Grow Their Brand And Land More Artist Clients
... Strategies, tests, and experiments top-earning online music producers are using to build their business
How are small music producers building big businesses?
Dear music producers and studio owners, 

You know those producers you see online who seem to just be killin' it? They are always busy, the music sounds good, they have authority, getting compliments left and right, making a great living.

You know the type right? You've seen 'em. 

I bet that you have an overwhelming curiosity about why they are where they are and you aren't yet. What are they doing different? 

By this point you've probably comfortably settled into your excuses so that you feel better about it... 

"Well, I'm just not good at marketing"
"I don't like social media"
"They seem sales-y and that's just not who I am" 
"Their music sounds better than mine"
"I don't have any big credits"
"My area sucks. There is no music in my town"

That's not your fault. Those are all viable excuses, but nonetheless they are still excuses. And at one point, all of those successful producers you see had the same excuses. 

Until something changed. They said enough is enough and they put in the time, effort, and energy and eventually made it work for themselves. 

If you are a music producer and want to charge for your services and get more clients then...
  •  Imagine - how much money, time, and stress you would save if you actually KNEW point blank what these producers are doing to build successful businesses.
  •  Imagine - finally getting a straight answer on what the best next steps would be for you
  •  Imagine - being able to look over the shoulder of someone who specializes in building 5 to 6-figure/year music production companies
  •  Imagine - Getting some of the benefits of personal mentorship without laying out a huge financial investment. 
Here's exactly what you'll get...
As a consultant for independent music producers, I get to dive in and custom-craft business growth plans for dozens of successful music production companies. My clients vary from bedroom producers who are in their first year of business all the way up to Grammy nominated music producers with years of experience. 

No matter where you currently are in your career as a music producer, you will get a unique perspective on what is working NOW.

Because the reality is that this business is tough for everyone. Quality, big name credits, and years of experience aren't enough to compete on anymore. If we want extraordinary results then we have to do extraordinary things. Period. 

And that is what the producers I work with are doing. 

I want you to know how they are building authority, increasing their rates, and getting more clients. This will no longer be a secret to you. 

I've launched a monthly business journal called The Producer Files. 

As a subscriber you will get to see behind the curtains of everything that I am doing to help music producers build 5 to 6-figure / per year businesses. Think of it as my "mastermind journal" where I document what we are doing, new ideas we're trying, and how it all works together. 

You will NOT find this stuff on the public internet. Not on my YouTube channel, Facebook group, posts, and certainly not on anyone else's. 

These are my personal write-ups and I am going to personally e-mail these to you every month.

Why? Because a blog post isn't worthy of this material and let's face it... I already make too many damn video tutorials :) 

Click the green button to sign up. You'll get an email with the first edition, a link to all previous editions (we started this in April 2019), and from now on you'll receive new editions automatically. You can unsubscribe anytime and your information will never be shared, sold, or leased. 

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