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Client Testimonial - Austin Hull
Took him from a $600/month side income to over $7K/month and built a solid brand as an independent pop music producer. 
Client Interview - Steve Vito
Increased his rates, made more pitch connections, and started landing new high-value clients in the two weeks
Client Interview - Stephen Youster
Instantly got clarity on how to focus his skill sets and cut out low-budget clients. Started landing projects at a higher rate within 3 weeks.
Client Testimonial - Mark Eckert
Got his rates up to $3K per song, travels around the world, and leverage his success to launch a publishing company
Client Interview - Nicolas K
Rebuilt his confidence as a creator and started immediately landing high-paid projects in a few short weeks
Client Interview - Adam Fiasco
Refocused his brand, started building authority, and landing high-value projects in week 3
Client Interview - The Stu (Wes & Zane)
Started building more authority in their local market, quickly moved into landing online jobs with clients virtually, and have doubled their investment in 6 weeks.
Client Interview - Will H
Launched a production company out of the UK and started landing clients in 10 days.
Client Interview - Randy Kalsi
Landed his first high-value project in less than two weeks by refocusing his message.
Client Interview - Simon J
Simon is a signed songwriter/producer who wanted to start working with indie artists seeking pub deals
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